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Road Blocker Automatic

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Road Blocker system consists of :
The buried Road Blocker equipment is mainly composed of three main parts, the Road Block Machine
mainframe, the hydraulic transmission station and the electric control part :
1. Main frame - the Road Block Machine is mainly composed of the turning body or the lifting body
and the machine base (the anti-collision nail can be installed according to the customer's needs).
The whole machine is made of steel structure and welded by national standard 20mm A3 Carbon
Steel Plate and Channel Steel. It has high strength bearing capacity and anti-collision capability;
there is no electric appliance and circuit setting in the machine body, waterproof and safe. The
device is embedded in the driveway or at a designated location on the gate, and the vehicle is
restricted by the instructions of the duty officer.
2. Hydraulic Transmission Station - the hydraulic transmission station is mainly composed of
fueltank, manual oil pump, complete hydraulic solenoid valve group, high-power motor, oil pump,
oil cylinder, oil meter, high-pressure hydraulic oil pipe and etc. It is the power source of the whole
road block system. On the side of the road block machine, it is used together with the road block
machine (the rise and fall speed can be changed by the regulating valve). The power failure can
be manually lowered or lowered manually.
3. Electronic Control System – automatic electronic control part: take the single-chip PLC / MCU
control, leakage switch, non-contact noise, high-life contactor and other precise starting time
settings (impact force generated after the anti-cylinder stroke is in place increases the service life
of the cylinder).

The Road Block Machine is mainly composed of the turning body, the lifting body and the machine
base, with anti-collision nails 35*90mm, mandatory interception; the surrounding and the middle of
the channel steel national standard 16, 12 and other load-bearing, strong anti-collision ability; The
lowest 3~8 50MM rotating shaft activities, easy to operate, flexible, hydraulic transmission, smooth
and fast action, low noise, strong traffic capacity, no electrical and wiring in the body, waterproof,
safe and reliable.
Mainly by road block machine (the whole body is the national standard material), hydraulic
transmission station (electric/ oil pump/ cylinderis imported and joint venture brand), control system
(with LED screen display, adjustable up time, breaking the tradition, high life without Contact relay) is
composed of three parts.
The main Technical Parameters
 System Control Electro-hydraulic
 Through the pressure the minimum can pass 120 tons of container trucks
 Power supply 220V/380 (control voltage 24V)
 System Power (W) 3.75KW
 Rise time 1~3S (adjustable)
 Fall time 1 ~ 3S (adjustable)
 Working temperature -35 ° C ~ 80 ° C (suitable)
 Storage Environment 5 °C ~ 35 °C, rain, moisture and dust
 Material A3 steel standard 20mm, can be customized 16mm, 25mm, 30mm optionalm(whole
piece, no stack), spraymanti-rust primer
 Color anti-rust treatment: spray anti-rust primer + black, yellow paint + reflective film + varnish
 The body specifications – chassis (milimeters) 3000(L)x1000(W)×760(H), rise height 500mm
 Protection level IP68; anti-collision level: K12
 Reversible operation according to requirements during ascending and descending and respond